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Galeri Kristal

Nebim V3 ERP kullanan bir züccaciye perakende zinciri

The company, which includes many important brands and owns brands such as Cyrstal Group hotels, Kilit Group and Aryıldız, preferred Verimsoft and Nebm V3 software for the collaboration of the company, which started in 2018 in the retail sector as a retail store. Many important projects have been implemented in the company, which has reached 50 retailing organizations in a short time in close cooperation with the top management of the company.

Cooperation start year: 2018

Current Version: Nebim V3 Advanced Version

Applications in Use

Retail Management

  • Store Management

  • Campaign Management

  • CRM

  • Online POS

  • Offlie pos

  • Support after sale


  • Data warehouse

  • KPI

  • Dashboards

  • Pivot Reporting

  • MS BI Business Intelligence

Financial Management

  • Credit Card Management

  • MT 940 Bank Integrations

Foreign Trade

  • Import Application

  • Export Application

Accounting Management


Product Management

  • Warehouse Management (Verimsoft WMS)

  • Allocation, Replacement

  • Store Inventory Management

E - Government Applications

  • E - Invoice

  • E - State

  • E - Archive

  • New Generation Payment Recorders


  • N11 Integration

  • B2B

Costing and Profit Loss Analysis

Human Resources Management

Wholesale Management

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