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Gozalan Group Success Story

Murat Yavaş

Gözalan Management Consulting Corporation | Director of Financial Affairs


Founded in Germany in 1969, Gözalan Group has more than 50 stores and around 500 employees. Their service quality stands out in various sectors.

Gözalan Group entered the Turkish market in 1987 and its experience in the sector and the dynamic business structure is appreciated by its business partners. The group has many global brands under its roof and offers its customers well-known brands such as Columbia, Mountain Hard Wear, Sorel, Prana, Mustang and Camicissima.

“Our relationship with Nebim dates back to 2010”

The Director of Financial Affairs of Gözalan Management Consulting Corporation, Murat Yavaş, said that their relationship started with Nebim Winner in 2000 and continued with the transition to Nebim V3, and that the transition to Nebim V3 has paved the way for many positive changes and innovations in their business processes: “With the developments in the sector and with the legislative changes, we have become more dynamic in aspects such as fast decision-making and fast reaction, which are the most important variables regarding success. We can manage all our business processes on a single platform, starting with orders, delivery, reservation, sales, collection, warehouse management, bookkeeping, finance, banks, reporting, up to budgeting. As Gözalan Group, we manage multiple brands in multiple companies and we transitioned from Nebim Winner to Nebim V3 especially because its business partner structure supports this multiple system.”

“We started the Nebim V3 transition process in August 2015”

The Director of Financial Affairs of Gözalan Management Consulting Corporation, Murat Yavaş, explained that all of the integration steps were completed in all their departments within the short period of 104 days: “The know-how and experience of Nebim business partner Verimsoft enabled us to complete this project in 104 days and to go live in the beginning of 2016. Especially the Data Warehouse and Reporting, where we can obtain end-to-end reports from the very top until the smallest detail, give us the opportunity to instantly report our sales, sales costs and profitability according to all KPIs of the retail sector, and so to react instantly according to the results, to take fast decisions and to provide reports to decision makers in an accurate, fast and timely manner. Especially the Nebim V3 Data Warehouse can be used in all the departments of the company easily because of the drag and drop method that is used. Nebim V3 Data Warehouse is a feature that is employed all the time by our department of financial affairs, bookkeeping and finance departments, for campaign management and all the other performance analyses.

“Nebim V3 can be integrated with all other third party software very easily”

The Director of Financial Affairs of Gözalan Management Consulting Corporation, Murat Yavaş, talked about legislative changes such as e-State processes, e-Invoice, e-Archive as well as the hardware integration with new generation cash registers: “Nebim V3 is a platform where we manage all our processes end-to-end and in a very easy manner because of Nebim V3’s easy integration with discount platforms such as Zubizu, as well as with Global Blue Tax Free system which plays an important role in sales to foreigners, and also with the management system of our e-Commerce platform.”

“At the moment, we have the Omnichannel project”

The Director of Financial Affairs of Gözalan Management Consulting Corporation, Murat Yavaş, mentioned that they keep developing new projects with Nebim and that they have already started the Omnichannel approach in a limited number of stores: “We plan to go live with Omnichannel in all of our stores by the end of the year. Also, there is a self service HR project that we have been working on. This project is in its final phase. With the self service HR project, all members of staff can access their personnel files either online or on the mobile platform. They can see their remaining days of leave as well as their existing payroll and can ask for days of leave. This is a project we have been working on. In addition to that, there is a budget management module that we intend to activate all together.”

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