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Success Story

Kiğılı CEO Hilal Suerdem gave information about the reasons and benefits of Kığılı, one of the important brands of men's fashion retailing, to prefer Nebim V3 ERP.


As a leading brand worldwide preferred in men's fashion retailing since 1938, Kiğılı CEO Hilal Suerdem said that they preferred Nebim V3 to manage all their operational processes quickly. It was put into live use in September 2019 ”.


Pointing out briefly to the history of Kiğılı, Suerdem said, “With the leadership of Abdullah Kiğılı, thanks to his predictions about the future of retail, Kiğılı, which started its retail journey in the 1980s, has become a brand that has become popular in the national and international arena with new breakthroughs. 225 in Turkey and abroad that meet the customer if 150 points in Kigili, Neb began to use ERP V3 processes in operations, "he said.


"We chose Nebim V3 as the partner that will make us successful in line with our goals"


Turkey and abroad voicing meet with customers in many important points I Kiğılı CEO of Crescent Suer, "We are conducting a very serious cycle with 2000 employees, and our system is growing rapidly. We developed our own inhouse software 20 years ago. Because we paid much attention to the systematic and rapid progress of our works with a software control. Abdullah had a structure that sees the brain forward and thinks what might happen in the future. He explained that the development of the software is very important to us. We found it right and started to go somewhere by making the software in ourselves. But technology was developing so fast that our own inhouse software could not keep up with this speed. Therefore, we searched for a partner who could cooperate with us, understand us, be a partner to our dreams, and found Nebim's ERP solution, Nebim V3. ” he spoke.


"The fast and integrated infrastructure of us and Nebim V3 made our project a success in a short time"


Hilal Suerdem stated that they started the adaptation project related to Nebim V3 ERP transition in February 2019 and they went live in September 2019 with a quick study; “Both our infrastructure and the fast and integrated infrastructure of Nebim V3 have accomplished this project in a short time. Now, we can easily make the accounting and the campaign management of our gift certificates, which were very problematic before Nebim V3. We can also implement several campaigns at the same time, and we can seriously program their management and statistics. We were able to gather all our business processes on a single platform and integrate with each other. Very good results have emerged in these processes. With Nebim V3 ERP, all business processes can be managed in an integrated way on a single platform, production can proceed integrated with the warehouse, Nebim V3 has a very good coding structure, production planning and the correct management of the projects have had very good results. In addition, our CRM efforts have been very successful and we think we will do better in this process. We also think that being able to implement our marketing techniques, which are very important for us, with Nebim V3, will take us a few steps forward. ”


"With Nebim V3, we can manage our overseas stores centrally and adapt easily to local needs."


I Suer; “By talking to Nebim, we share our ideas and continue to develop Nebim V3 in Kiğılı. In this way, Nebim V3 is a very important specific program for us and we find it very successful. However, we think that these specific developments also provide a model for the industry. In addition, Nebim V3 ERP has brought great convenience regarding the management of our overseas stores from the online center. There are special cases related to local currencies and the laws of local governments in every store we open abroad. Nebim can write special programs for our stores within the scope of localization abroad and add them to the system quickly. Therefore, our jobs become easier. By making this integration in every country, we benefit from following the products and the store. On the other hand, there are distribution processes of products that we call rotation among our stores. Our use of Nebim V3 comfortably made us feel comfortable in following the product transfers between the center and the store. It made it very easy, it brought great benefits. ” she quoted.

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