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After Sales Support Activities

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Companies benefit from Verimsoft Maintenance Support and Productivity services to maximize return on investment, benefit from regular software innovations, and achieve higher application availability and efficiency. Our company offers a service concept that aims to continuously increase the productivity of the clientele.

After the companies have taken the decision to switch to ERP, we stand beside them not only to help in the process of implementation, but also at any time they need during their actual use. Thanks to this close cooperation, companies are one step ahead of the competition by using their business resources efficiently. With Nebim Solutions, companies aim to use their business resources in the most effective way and to manage their business processes efficiently. Verimsoft measures the efficiency of the business processes that companies manage with Nebim Solutions at regular intervals to ensure that firms achieve these goals. Nebim Consultants systematically measure, rate and report to senior management in the companies in Nebim Efficiency Measurement Events held with top management, department managers and other key users.

Afterwards Nebim, acting together with the managers in the companies, creates and implements productivity-focused projects and hence, the most efficient business processes are designed for companies in changing market conditions and business environment whilst maximum efficiency and profitability are obtained from Nebim software. In addition, thanks to the support specialists assigned to the company, user satisfaction is ensured by the ability to quickly respond to client requests, remotely access to company systems, perform web-based meetings for fast and effective solutions and provide on-site support when needed. Within the scope of Nebim Maintenance and Support Services, client requests, service requests and projects related to Nebim software can be managed over the Web. Companies can rate the completed services, requests and projects with “Satisfaction Points” over the Web to benefit from a service that is continuously and systematically monitored.

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