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Marchon Eyewear Success Story

Emre Başıbüyük

Enternasyonel Eyeglasses | General Manager


Enternasyonel Eyeglasses started out as a small family enterprise and has become an important player in the sector with more than 800 sales points following its collaboration with the global giant Marchon.

The General Manager of Enternasyonel Eyeglasses explained that they have completed 20 years in this sector. Emre Başıbüyük said: “The brands that we were distributing suggested that we should establish their Turkish offices and we took this into consideration and focused our efforts accordingly. We entered a local collaboration with Marchon, one of the biggest optics companies worldwide, and established their office in Turkey. New marketing activities started so that we could develop our position in the sector and explain Marchon better. The local partnership that we established in January 2011 has successfully continued until now. We serve our customers in over 800 sales points all over Turkey. As a matter of fact, when we consider the brand products, our sales graphs at the sales points tell a big success story. There are around twenty brands in the product portfolio of Marchon. We import the brand products that have been accepted by our public, we perform the marketing activities and the service with spare parts.”

“Only Nebim satisfied our demands”

Emre Başıbüyük explained that only Nebim satisfied their demands once the idea of collaboration with a software company was born: “We first met with Nebim in 2010 through Winner. While we were setting up Marchon, we decided to work with a local software company. When we were examining the local companies, we focused on their sector experience and their investments in our sector. When we took all these criteria into account, we decided that Winner was the most suitable program. The process went smoothly. In 2014, we decided to change Nebim Winner and to implement Nebim V3, the software that was developed by Nebim after Nebim Winner. We started with the necessary steps. In 2015, we completed our transition to Nebim V3 together with Nebim Solution Partner Verimsoft and we could present ourselves to the consumers as of 1 January 2016.”

“It is a big advantage that they have already met the demands of the sector”

Başıbüyük emphasized that the instant reaction of Nebim to various changes in the sector is also important in addition to the fact that it is a local software company: “The main reason for our collaboration with Nebim during this process is that they have already invested into our sector and developed software which satisfies our needs. The optics industry is an active sector with its own dynamics. There are changes in the legislation and these changes in turn change our operation models. When I observe the integration speed of Nebim throughout these processes, I understand that our collaboration is a correct decision.”

“The inventory information and the bookkeeping records are on the same program”

General Manager of Enternasyonel Eyeglasses, Emre Başıbüyük, underlined that the biggest advantage provided by Nebim is to have inventory information and bookkeeping records on the same program: “Other companies in the sector use the inventory programs and the bookkeeping programs separately and try to put together their results. With regards to our productivity, it is of utmost importance that the inventory program and the bookkeeping program run simultaneously. The fact that these two processes run at the same time has a positive impact on the workflow productivity, program productivity as well as the productivity of the workplace.”


“Reporting support and fast data flow make our work much easier”

Başıbüyük said that another big advantage provided by Nebim V3 is the reporting support in the program: “As we are a company with foreign partners, we must send reports all the time. The default reporting formats in the program give us a big advantage. Another important aspect for Marchon is the transfer of data. In this regard, the integration support programs that run inside give us additional support. The data needs to be transferred correctly to our more than 800 sales points in B2B format and in the manner that we want. The support provided by Nebim V3 is very important here.”

“Nebim also meets our sectoral needs”

General Manager of Enternasyonel Eyeglasses, Emre Başıbüyük, stressed that they are in steady contact with Nebim regarding the needs of the sector and of the company: “For the last one and a half years, we have been using the Product Tracking System (UTS) extensively. We can make the system available for our consumers and our distributors effectively with the advantages that are provided to us by Nebim. UTS was not an easy integration process. During this process, we were confronted with the question of transferring our data to the state database without letting our operations suffer too much. However, the system developed rapidly and we are able to share data online rapidly with all our shareholders today.”

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