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Nebim V3 Application Consultancy

uygualam danışmanlığı

Apart from the training and support activities provided during the use of Nebim products, it is the consultancy services provided on the subject of expertise with application consultants specialized in the sector. The main purpose of this consultancy service is for the companies to reach the solutions they need in the shortest time and in a precise manner and to obtain the highest efficiency from these solutions. The subject given consultancy can be put into practice as soon as possible. Consultancy Application consultancy subjects are as follows;

Retail Sales Applications

  • CRM (Customer Relation Management): Our company, which is an expert in CRM applications, which has become a must for today's merchandising, provides consultancy on application on Nebim Winner and V3 software.

  • Royalty Card Application

  • Gift Voucher Application

  • Discount Coupon

  • Sending SMS

  • Money Point Applications

Stock management

Application consultancy services are provided in the following headings in order to track the inventories in the most accurate way, eliminate shipping problems and realize them quickly.

  • Store Transfer and Product Acceptance

  • Transfer and Shipment Operations with Mobile Handheld Terminal

  • Census

  • Rack Tracking

  • Integrations with Logistics Companies

  • Faulty / Defective Product Tracking

  • Consignment Purchase / Sale Tracking

  • Inventory Management Based on Incomplete Product Completion and Sales Performance

  • Order management: Application consultancy services are provided for the processes of collecting orders, placing this order to suppliers or producers, following the orders placed and distributing the incoming products to the ordering customers, especially in the sectors working with season order.

  • Taking Mobile Order

  • Order Integrations (Automatic information transfer with suppliers and production)

  • Automatic Order Transfers from Received Orders According to Supplier

  • Requirements Planning

  • Automatic Distribution of Incoming Products

  • Costing

E - Applications

  • E - Book

  • E - Invoice

  • E - Waybill

  • E - Archive


  • POS

  • E - Collection

  • Cloud Collection

  • MT 940 Integrations

Financial Accounting

  • Creating an Account Plan

  • Cash Flow Integrations

  • costing

  • Location Based Profit - Loss Tracking

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