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“NebimExtra Version Update, Service and Support Agreement”, obtain the up-to-date versions of your licensed Nebim V3 software, get one-to-one online or on-site support regarding your requests and questions, and stay one step ahead of the competition by increasing the efficiency that you have gained with Nebim V3.

nebim extra

Achieve Continuous Efficiency and Profitability with the New Versions and Updates of Nebim V3

With NebimExtra Agreement, access the semiannually published new versions of Nebim V3 applications for which you have already obtained a license as well as hot fixes, which are updates published when necessary, without paying any extra licensing fees. This enables you to:

  • Continue working with a software infrastructure that is compliant with the current legislation.

  • Start using the newly added features of your licensed Nebim V3, which Nebim has developed thanks to Research and Development activities and the continuously expanding industry know-how.

nebim extra2

Evaluate Your Business Processes Better by Adding the New and Enriched Standard Nebim V3 Reports to Your Own Nebim V3

The content and performance optimizations in standard Nebim V3 report designs and queries, as well as the newly developed report designs can be downloaded from the website of NebimExtra to your own Nebim V3 without the need to wait for the new Nebim V3 versions to be published. Therefore, you can start using them immediately, and the data on your Nebim V3 can be offered to your users in the fastest and optimum format.

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