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Opak Optik

opak optik

Our cooperation with Opak, which dates back to 2006 with Nebim Winner, is an important milestone in the industry. The project, where production, sales, warehouse and accounting applications were used for the first time in an integrated manner, has made significant contributions in the production of opthalmic glass. Opak Optics partnered with ESSILOR, the world’s largest manufacturer of glasses, in 2013 and made significant investments in its sector. Opak Optics, which strengthened its cooperation with Nebim V3 ERP in accordance with its e-government applications and its own new structuring, became one of the first companies to start e-archive applications in wholesale sales. All international reporting standards used by the Essilor Group are prepared at Nebim, and multi-lingual support provides important support to executives during their analysis.

Year of cooperation: 2009

Current version: Nebim V3 Enterprice

Applications in Use

Product management

  • Warehouse Management

  • Branch Stock Management

E - Government Applications

  • E - Invoice

  • E - State

  • E - Archive


  • Data warehouse

  • KPI

  • Dashboards

  • Pivot Reporting

  • International Reporting Standards


  • B2B

  • Production

Financial Management

  • Crest Card Management

  • MT 940

Costing and Profit Loss Analysis

Human Resources Management

Accounting Management


UTS (Product Tracking System)

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