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Özkan Underwear


We have the pleasure of working with Ozkan Underwear since 2012, one of the top manufacturers in the underwear sector, and a company that values information and technology so much during its production processes. It is one of the vital projects where end-to-end and real-time production is followed in the company’s integrated facilities located in Silivri.

Year of cooperation: 2012

Current version: Nebim V3 Advanced

Applications in Use


  • Sample and Preliminary Cost

  • Creating Work Order

  • Requirements Planning and Purchasing

  • Station and Contract Tracking

  • Ball Tracking

  • Paintshop Tracking

  • Scales Integrations

  • Track Based Tracking


  • Data warehouse

  • KPI

  • Dashboards

  • Pivot Reporting

Financial Management

  • Credit Card Management



Wholesale Management

Product Management

  • Warehouse Management (Verimsoft WMS)

  • Allocation, Replacement

E - Government Applications

  • E - Invoice

  • E - State

  • E - Archive

  • New Generation Payment Recorders


  • B2B

Costing and Profit Loss Analysis

Human Resources Management

  • Premium Management

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