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Our Projects


Emo Optik

EMO, which is one of the most important brand in the optical industry, has accomplished its goals effectively with NEBİM V3 software, which, together with the special applications in the optical industry, chose to implement applications and instant accounting integrations that include the dynamics of the retail industry at the same time.


Opak Optik

Our cooperation with Opak, which dates back to 2006 with Nebim Winner, is an important milestone in the industry. The project, where production, sales, warehouse and accounting applications were used for the first time in an integrated manner, has made significant contributions in the production of opthalmic glass.


Özkan Underwear

We have the pleasure of working with Ozkan Underwear since 2012, one of the top manufacturers in the underwear sector, and a company that values information and technology so much during its production processes.



Being one of the most well-known store chains in Turkey, it was acquired and restructured by Ozkan Underwear Inc. and its partners in 2016. In this process, Nebim V3 software has been implemented and a very successful work has been carried out in a short period of time as 40 stores were launched on-line in just one week.


Galeri Kristal

The company, which includes many important brands and owns brands such as Cyrstal Group hotels, Kilit Group and Aryıldız, preferred Verimsoft and Nebm V3 software for the collaboration of the company, which began in 2018 in the retail sector as PSL merchandising.



Our long-standing cooperation with ÖZ-RİGA, one of the important manufacturers of the children's clothing industry, has intensified with the fact that the company increased its weight in the retail sector after 2016.



Ancel, one of the most important players in the Turkish Housewares sector with its 110-year life, has been using Nebim software products since 2008.

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