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başarı hikayesi kompedan

Being one of the most well-known store chains in Turkey, it was acquired and restructured by Ozkan Underwear Inc. and its partners in 2016. In this process, Nebim V3 software has been implemented and a very successful work has been carried out in a short period of time as 40 stores were launched on-line in just one week. Kompedan initiated its growth phase together with its business partners after completing its financial restructuring.

Year of cooperation: 2010

Current version: Nebim V3 Advanced

Applications in Use

Retail Management

  • Store Management

  • Campaign Management

  • Online POS

Product Management

  • Warehouse Management (Verimsoft WMS)

  • Allocation, Replacement


  • Data warehouse

  • KPI

  • Dashboards

  • Pivot Reporting

Financial Management

  • Credit Card Management

  • MT 940 Bank Integrations

Human Resources Management

Accounting Management

E - Government Applications

  • E - Invoice

  • E - State

  • E - Archive

  • New Generation Payment Recorders


  • B2B

Costing and Profit Loss Analysis


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