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Marchon Nebim V3 ERP kullanan bir gözlük distribütörüdür.

The company is an international company and one of the biggest players in the world eyewear market was established in Turkey with Enternasyonel Inc. are working in close cooperation since 2012. The company, which has been switched to Nebim V3 ERP in 2015, can easily access the reports of international standards, especially through the UTS, carebarcode, applications, through Nebim V3.

Cooperation start year: 2012

Current Nebim Version: Nebim V3 Standard Version

Applications in Use


  • Data warehouse

  • KPI

  • Dashboards

  • Pivot Reporting

Financial Management

E - Government Applications

  • E - Invoice

  • E - State

  • E - Archive


  • Warehouse Management

Human Resources Management

Accounting Management

Costing and Profit Loss Analysis


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